In this video, we have Kevin Stansfield and Colin Harding from Action Coach Solent talking about their experience they had whilst working with ShootingBusiness.

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Kevin Stansfield: “I’m Kevin Stansfield and I’m the founder of Action Coach Solent and we help business owners grow their business, make more money and have more time to enjoy it.”

Colin Harding: “My name is Colin Harding I work with Kevin Stansfield, we’re business coaches and we help business owners to grow, improve their business, meet their business challenges. I love working with Shooting Business for several reasons, they are very professional, they are good at the videoing side of it that goes without saying, that’s what you would expect. But Mark’s knowledge of, the marketing process what we’re trying to achieve really helps.”

Kevin Stansfield: “In the marketing field we get ideas, so you could wake up one morning and go, oh I’ve got an idea to do something. And the great thing with ShootingBusiness is, I can just get on the phone, speak to Mark and talk it through and as quickly as possible it’s done.”

Colin Harding: “We used Facebook to split test, different adverts, some with a static photograph, some with a statement, some with videos and without a shadow of a doubt the response from the general public to Facebook messages with an embedded video was much much greater than any other we chose. It’s much more powerful to hear from other people, this is the benefit I got from using that product or service.”

Kevin Stansfield: “Because they specialise in testimonials you know you’re not going to get a better return on your investment through any other video production company out there currently.”