This “must see” video demonstrates how seven old black and white photos strung together with the right narration, can create a highly targeted video masterpiece.

The video, released by Cisco, was a part of a product launch for one of their high-end network router products (The ASR 9000 which starts at $80,000).

Rather than selling directly, their objective was to get the product in front of the key influencers, analysts, bloggers and the press.

Tim Washer, stand-up comedian and corporate humourist behind the video, said ‘We wanted to find a fun way to get some attention with our key influencers, analysts, bloggers, and press.

So we thought: wouldn’t it be absurd to position our product as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lover? And that’s what we did.”
Cisco understood that the 60-second video would not sell the product alone – especially at such a high price tag.

However, they knew the video would be a talking point amongst their key influencers which would raise product awareness within their target market.

It was then the job of white papers, specifications and product demonstrations to convince their new prospects to become customers.