We’re currently creating our own video testimonial by interviewing our clients to find out why they use video and how they found the ShootingBusiness.com experience.

As a taster of the full highlight, here is a snippet from Ian’s interview:

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“I’ve been doing this job for ten years.  And ten years ago, even maybe as recently at six years ago, I would have said advertising on the radio is a complete waste of time…. doing video is a complete waste of time.  It’s going to end up in a drawer on a CD somewhere. 

Like all things in business, things move on and they change dramatically.  No different to the Oxford bags in your wardrobe from 1978, they will come back into fashion.

So there are things that are doing a loop in business for me – in as much as they went out [of fashion] and now they are coming back.

Radio advertising, absolutely, is a lot more accessible than it ever used to be.

And video now days… they are so many ways to use video….

But also the [affordable] cost and the fact that they come to you and they will come to your workplace with all the equipment. There’s no excuse anymore, not to make that phone call and have that cup of tea to find out more.  Even if it’s just for an interview like this one.

Don’t get testimonials on letters any more get ShootingBusiness.com to video your customers saying how great your businesses are.

So even if it’s something you don’t want to do, I bet you’ve got customers that would like to get in front of the camera and say how good your business is.

So, using video for business now-days, is a no-brainer. It’s such a low cost, entry level marketing activity that all businesses should be considering at some level.”

Ian Dickson
Unlock Success.