WHY RISK YOUR MONEY on videos that do NOTHING for your business except look PRETTY?

Read on to discover how we GUARANTEE our VIDEOS will help you WIN more SALES conversations by BUILDING TRUST and RAPPORT with your PROSPECTS

(and if they don’t, we will re-film them for free or give you ALL your money back)

We understand you have an overwhelming choice of video production companies you could work with; and that you are bombarded with conflicting advice and different opinions on which type of video would work best for your business…

Unfortunately this makes it very easy for business owners to fall into the trap of commissioning a video that may look fantastic but actually does little to gain extra business.

That is why at Shooting Business, we only specialise in sales focused Video Testimonials and Business Interview videos that we guarantee will make a difference because of the comprehensive marketing analysis we undertake and the strategies we use to identify what your prospects need to hear so that they take action.

In one of our own video testimonials, Dan Harrison from the Squeeze Page Toolkit said:


The best thing about working with Mark is his degree of insight or understanding and his digging around to find out what your business really means: And being clear about what message you have for your business is probably the most valuable thing you can have. And that alone is worth all of the investment in my videos.

Our MISSION is to help ethical and service focused businesses WIN MORE CLIENTS and HELP MORE PEOPLE by leveraging their satisfied customers’ opinions in the form of Video Testimonials

So why work with us?

  • The Shooting Business 4 Step process guarantees that if you follow our advice then your videos will give you a measurable improvement in engagement and conversion; which will make selling to new clients easier
  • We hold your hand through the entire process and sign off every critical stage of the project so that you can be sure that we will hit the agreed objectives
  • Our processes are designed to have minimal impact on your time and resources
  • Working with us is risk free because of our crazy guarantee (yes we are that confident we will deliver!)
  • Your videos will be finished within 3 weeks of completing the filming
  • We will ensure you get every penny’s worth of value by helping you upload your videos and use them through your sales and marketing processes
  • We only work with companies we know we can help – so if we don’t think our solution will work for you then we will tell you.

By leveraging the power of our VIDEO TESTIMONIAL and BUSINESS OWNER INTERVIEW service you will see the following benefits

  • AuthenticVideoTestimonialYou will have better engaged prospects because they will feel they know you before they’ve even met you
  • New clients will be willing to spend more money with you from the start of your relationship because of the trust they will have built with you through your video testimonials
  • Your videos will decrease the time taken to turn prospects into clients
  • Your business will stand out from all your competitors who are not using video
  • Your videos will help deter the tyre kickers and the prospects you do not want to waste time on
  • The comprehensive target market and strategy report will help you in all your marketing because you will better understand your prospect ‘avatar’ and why they take action
  • Your videos can be used throughout your marketing and business processes so that you get maximum value – including on your website, social networks, email campaigns, offline sales processes and more
  • Your team will feel motivated and proud of what your clients say about you on film

So at this point, you could go and talk to all the other local video production companies out there to get comparison quotes. However none of them will give you a 100% risk free guarantee that their videos will make a positive difference to your business.

The way we see it is you have TWO options

You can call us or click the book discussion button and experience all of the benefits we’ve already mentioned. Or you could leave this site and do nothing. However that would frustrate us because we know how much time, effort and money that would cost you.

Because if you add it all up, how much time and money is wasted creating proposals and following up prospects who never actually buy……?! Just think, how many of your prospects are forced to go to your cheaper competitors on price because they do not understand how your products are better value? And how often do you miss out on sales because your prospects do not fully understand how they would benefit or why they should invest their money with you?

We don’t want that for your business! Not when we know that our videos will help you engage your prospects to shorten your sales cycle and help you convert more sales.

This is what some of our customers say ….

The videos have improved conversion at the seminars as this year we have gone from a 60% conversion to around 80%!!!

Mark listened carefully to what we were looking to achieve, blended his own ideas with ours and, came up with a video we were delighted with, and that is now leveraging our time at a price which we considered great value, given the man hours and expertise that went in to creating it

Watch these videos to listen to what some of our clients say about working with us


We are so confident that your videos will engage your prospects, build trust and help you convert your prospects into clients faster and easier, that we take all the risk.

We completely understand there are other video production companies out there that would take your money for a video that does nothing for your business and leave you out of pocket. We do not believe that is right and want to ensure all our customers feel completely comfortable doing business with us.

That’s why if you meet our 3 point Success Criteria check, we guarantee that if you take one of our specially crafted Video Testimonial Packages and follow our 4 Step Process, and you do not see a measurable improvement in engagement we will either re-shoot your videos or refund ALL your money.

So, if you are SERIOUS about using video to ENGAGE and BUILD TRUST with your prospects simply click the button below to arrange a 15 minute call to discuss HOW YOU CAN BENEFIT from your own VIDEOS.